I'm a product manager at 18F, helping improve how the US government delivers digital services. Before that I spent several years building digital pen experiences for Windows and running the Seattle Awesome Foundation. I've also studied Electrical & Computer Engineering at Olin College and Human-Computer Interaction at The University of Washington.





I like to do projects in my spare time. Here are some of my favorites:


I helped my friend Shaya build a web app for sponsoring amateur musicians.

Hi Buttons

A better way to let people know you're open to a conversation.

Olin Gator

My team and I built a robot car. Watch our final demo on Vimeo.


I work with Daniel Epstein (and sometimes other people) on personal informatics research.

Some of my past publications:

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Want to talk? You can always email me at nikki@nicoleblee.com or tweet at me!

You can also download my resume.